How to Unlock a Disabled iPod without iTunes or a Computer? [Solved]

Causes of iPod Locking Part 2. This is the name your iPod will display when you connect it to your computer from now on. Across the top of the iPod management screen are a number of tabs that allow you to manage the content you sync to your iPod. This initiates the reset process, wiping off all data in the process, including the passcode.

How to Fix "iPhone Is Disabled" Error

It is also worth mentioning that the data security is the top priority of the Apple Inc. Connect your iPod to the computer that you want to be the primary computer. At this point, the data on your device has been erased. On this screen, your options include: Remove your iPod and it will be cleared" you can also check on here My iPod is frozen says I pod disabled?

It will automatically create kbps AAC files of the songs you're syncing, which will take up less space. Again, you may lose data added since you backed up last. In some cases even the use of PC is also not required to get the work done. Like most iPod models, the Touch is also really easy to use.

Score Micah Hobson mastermicawh Rep: Published Date: Unlock iPod without iTunes Security Concerns If a user takes a close look at the issue, he will be able to find the locking of this kind is in their favor.

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3 Best Methods: How to Fix iPhone Disabled. Connect to iTunes Error Message

Sync playlists from the box on the left or all music by a given artist via the boxes on the right. An iPhone will become disabled after six different failed passcode attempts.

Please note that this will erase all data on your iPod. When it comes to the Apple products, then it is a sure thing that users love them. If the wrong passcode is being entered over and over, that may be a sign that someone is trying to break into the phone.

Thu Feb 07 This option lets you control what songs are synced to your iPod. Continue Reading.