Whole Brain Teaching: Learning the Way the Brain is Designed

It is an integrated method combining effective classroom management and pedagogically sound approaches to student engagement that are effective with a wide range of student learning populations vetted through 15 years of classroom application.

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I write the actions down on a little cheat sheet for me to remember until the class is fluent with these. Check out the Character Education page for more info on Rule 4!

Posted by Samantha Cleaver Samantha Cleaver, PhD, teaches middle school special education and writes about her favorite thing to do, reading. With the procedures described on this page, you take a classroom disruption, blurting or wandering, and transform it into a classroom unifier.

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Whole Brain Teaching: Rules That Just Make Sense

Samantha Cleaver, PhD, teaches middle school special education and writes about her favorite thing to do, reading. Pin Follow directions quickly and quietly. Related posts: Fortunately, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Follow directions quickly. I only had to ban a handful of students. They all loved it!

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Hope you like them! You can use interactive notebooks for any subject or unit. Step One Review the classroom rules five times a day. This keeps the technique interesting and unpredictable for the students. In the Scoreboard Game a scoreboard is drawn on one side of the board, and can be divided for different classes for secondary teachers or teachers who rotate classes. Rule 4 is especially powerful in covering all varieties of disruptive student behavior, in or out of class.

When quiet reading is underway, the only target is you book … and so forth. Smile at teacher! One that our Principal uses during assemblies is he say "Who you gonna call? Classroom Rules. Step One By the end of the first week or two of school, you should be reviewing classroom rules five times a day.

Battle has been teaching for over 17 years. I say, "Alright, stop!

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All the teachers in my school including myself were working so hard to have everything perfect for Friday morning when all the students and their parents come meet their new teachers.

Whole brain teaching is a fun, fast-paced, and engaging teaching style teachers use to activate all parts of students' brains. The Importance of Music Education. This file contains class rules posters for Whole Brain Teaching classrooms.