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Word count: A very limited number of pink skies zines are up on my storenvy and a digital copy of the zine is available on my gumroad!

Telegraph Media Group. The consortium that bought the piece included Hirst himself. This would have been the highest price ever paid for a single work by a living artist.

At the centre of the forehead lies a pear-shaped pink diamond, the centrepiece of the work.

Art of Rebecca Hughes

The piece appears in the second episode of the American-Japanese animated television series Neo Yokio , when it is possessed by a demon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I just suck at conversations xD Thanks for the message: The base for the work is a human skull bought in a shop in Islington. Hanzo stares in return, listening to the sounds of the salmon flopping around on the shore as it dies, and cocks a brow. Where can I pre-order Change of Pace? Listening to his grandfather read poetry aloud during their walks around Hanamura.

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This article is about the Damien Hirst sculpture. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. Retrieved 1 January A Moment! MaryAnn Hardy Thank you so much for this wonderful message. I adore your art and I think you're extraordinary. Sadly the zine was a limited print run in the beginning of the year and my shop is closed until… idk haha but you can get the digital pdf version here: