As 'All My Children' Ends, Susan Lucci Says Goodbye

Leo DuPres. Pomarico , Shelley Curtis. The show has dealt with issues of class, women's rights and sexual orientation. Rosemary Prinz was signed on to be the "special guest star" for six months, playing the role of political activist Amy Tyler. On January 5, All My Children first came onto daytime television. Her storylines began airing in July , which included the controversial rape of Bianca. Zach Slater. Archived from the original on January 22, Archived from the original on May 17, Wikimedia Commons has media related to All My Children.

Archived from the original on October 13, On Friday, my regular visits will end. February 15, Its former low was 2,, viewers on November 2, July 7, In , Fusion Cosmetics was founded. A line of perfume and body lotion was produced based on this show as well.

In the same episode Greenlee encounters Zach Slater who died in a plane crash the prior year. Palmer teams up with Cliff's past flame, nurse Sybil Thorne Linda Gibboney , who confronts Cliff about fathering her son, but this is temporary; Sybil is murdered and Cliff is arrested for the crime, which actually was committed by Sean Cudahy Alan Dysert.

Unresolved is JR Chandler's plunge into insanity as he drunkenly aims a gun at a crowd of All My Children regulars during a welcome-home party for Stuart.

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Liza Colby. Both he and Erica were attracted to one another — before Mona stops it, revealing to them that they're half-brother and half-sister. David begins a series of clinical trials that slowly resurrects many presumed dead Pine Valley citizens. The storylines now included a voodoo arc with the popular Noah and Julia Keith Hamilton Cobb and Sydney Penny , a fantasy story for Myrtle featuring the "real" Santa Claus , and finally a baby kidnapping story involving Erica.

TV Series Finale. Retrieved August 4, He is revealed to be the Satin Slayer, the serial killer hunting down and murdering the women of Fusion, all to punish Kendall for getting involved with Zach.

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It has recently been suggested that the two cities of Pine Valley and Llanview are located on opposite sides of the Llantano River. November 12, One challenge cited in was a need to negotiate a new contract with the union representing the actors of All My Children. December 24, No new episodes have been made since that time. Erica's beloved youngest daughter, and the show's Ensemble Dark Horse.