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Altitudes Flyin' High. What follows are some of our stand-out favorites. Gonna Be a Beautiful Night. Connect to Spotify Dismiss.

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Nobody But You For Whom the Bell Tolls. Please try again. You should know me better than that. The Minstrel Show Similar Tracks.

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Something to Behold. Click this button to skip to the next video. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire Provided I mean, we've been described in the past as, you know, "sad sack" or "melodramatic," and I absolutely understand. And ultimately, I think it was really healthy for us. Yeah, they do. I get it, because I think my voice just sounds that way maybe, and there are places I dig into the dark stuff and sad and melodramatic stuff, but I love that.

Sample appears at 0: Missing lyrics by Little Brother? Your name: I don't know, we feel very satisfied and happy with finally getting a little bit of attention, because we were in the shadows for so long. Subscribe now. And so, in a strange way, we made a very unguarded record because we weren't so worried about disappearing overnight as a band, which can happen easily.

When Everything Is New. You've been pretty forthcoming over the years about how the band is perceived. The underlying theme of The Listening concerns the group's effort to engage their listeners on a deeper level, and their frustration at casual listeners who pay little attention to lyrics and content and simply want to hear a "hot song".

We would have loved to have been popular right away.

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A good song will do that, and we'll just let it sweep us wherever it wants to. Fool on the Hill. But I think the fact that we didn't get a lot of attention for the first six or seven years, you know, steeled our resolve and made us even more hungry and ambitious and made us work really hard.