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Another way of asking "How are you? People are much friendlier when they see you make an effort to speak their language. About us Privacy Policy Contact us Affiliate disclosure. Before you read and learn about the ways to say "How are you? Nice song: The Fable Cottage. I see the proofreader in you: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Think this is neat? Very interesting and informative even though we have lived in France for sometime.

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How to Say “How Are You” in French and Sound like a Local

Hug Me. If you are not sure it is safer to let them take the lead and offer just a handshake. I want to avoid the 2 mistakes and speak French with confidence!

What did you do wrong? Makes you think! Spanish greetings.

How to Say Hello in Tahitian When You Visit the Islands

Flag as Comment vas-tu? Everyone -- men and women, men and men, women and women, children -- does this. A good challenge for you would be to start out a conversation with hello and how are you in French, and finish the conversation using all the phrases on this page.

I am fine. I made a faux pas when I greeted the woman in charge of the tickets to one of the national monuments. A typical answer to Comment vas-tu? I thought I had mastered it but either one or the other seems possible. I would say so, yes but, as always, it may depend on the context.

If things are a little better than "good" in your world, you can use one of these instead:. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Thanks for letting us know. I only used salut because I heard them greet me that way in a few Parisian cafes and stores. You are here: You can use the first one with anyone but the second sentence, used in the wrong context, would offend people. Konnichiwa Informal: Use "bienvenue" to welcome someone. Informal "You". Whether you enter a shop or restaurant, or are getting to know future friends or coworkers, some kind of greeting will be involved.