I made a somewhat incomplete list of all the Short Dogs Grow live shows I did. This is what you play when you need to rewind the A-side.

And we still missed out on the apricot brandy!! I am glad to see Polka still kicks ass! There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The opening band was a group of Rockabilly guys names Silvertone. The Polkaholics Author Format: I show them the original flyer from my flyer collection- shown below. Later on I found out that the singer of Silvertone went on to have a solo career under his real name, and he named his first album Silvertone.

That really changes everything. It was probably around 2 in the morning and I was going home after a gig. Who do I have to sleep with to get one of those? Besides being the cutest member of Polkacide I hear he is a humanitarian, a philanthropist and a member in good standing in the B. A benefit for a needy cause in the most socialist city in the United States and no one shows. You are here: They were good promoters.

Post to Cancel. Anything is possible! Joe was shaking his head in disbelief. Goober gordiac7 yahoo. In fact, my niece asked for another copy for her 5th birthday.

After an uncomfortable silence, Greg Foot smiled and gestured to all of us. Upstairs is the Helen Hotel. I hope our display of adoration was worthy of your shear Godliness and Godessness. And if it was high tide one of use would have died. Tim laughed so loud I could hear him above the P.

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Only about 5 people showed up for the gig. Would people stay and give new bands a chance, and learn something? Greg then recounted the incident:. G; I was thinking about the Electric Love Muffin.

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His wake was held at the Sound of Music. Rum And Coca Cola. The engine was between the seats. For the rest of the show he wore the hat. Jeanne M.

Various Artists – American Polka: Old Tunes and New Sounds

Tom and I were pretty close and I think that bothered her. Alex had a gig in Italy while I would be there, so we planned to meet in Milan. I was about a third of the way through the book when I noticed that someone had gone through it with a pencil and changed the times of all the killings by a few minutes or even hours.

He is remembered for wearing long dresses to work in the copy shop in the lobby of the Mills Building, Montgomery, long before Boy George took that style mainstream. It was a great club that welcomed us in all of our freaky flavors, never asked for a demo, just embraced the entire scene and swallowed it whole!