Climbing StarCraft 2's cut-throat multiplayer ladders

Ask Question. Community General. Here you want to spend! Bisu 5. Although not considered a hack, this sort of editing is outside the scope of this article, and maybe breaks the wiki's rules anyway. The two keys to a high Starcraft 2 eAPM are the same as typing quickly: Voukras likes this. Mouse movements need to be used to control your units and aim your spells and select the location of structures as a primary function. You should almost always have very little resources "in the bank.

It was designed to have a very very high skill cap and to promote raw competitive play at all times. GSL Groups Selections. Scoutprobe, later on: Search Unity. Complex patrol routes can be established by holding Shift while creating the patrol route. Protoss Army Compositions. Vigorous, dynamic use of camera hotkeys offers the potential for exceptional efficiency in issuing commands and attending to the battlefield, independent of highly mobile control groups, and not subject to the vagaries of the Backspace key.

This can be useful when one of your buildings is accidentally blocking your own units from advancing. Get resources! Liquipedia Results Completed.

[R] Best Control Groups [yours are?]

Man, some of those Bronze league guys were my friends. The high skill ceiling is what gives the game much more depth. Additionally, the high APM player will have better micro, allowing them to win battles with a slightly smaller army. Major slowdown! PsinSin They made a lot of mistakes with SC2, one of them was not being friendly to the casual player. I must be in fifth now, easily. Starcraft 2 Counters List.

Google it. Here are the best ways to use rally points: I never stood a chance, and he never let me forget it.

Climbing StarCraft 2's cut-throat multiplayer ladders PC Gamer

Maybe you took a class or maybe you just picked it up on your own, but slowly but surely, you started to remember the positions of more keys, and with practice, you began to type faster and faster. The fastest typists are thinking about what words they will be typing a few seconds into the future, while slower typists are looking at the words they are typing that very second.

Defiler Tournament Heroes Lounge Nut Cup. Hunta vs CalebAracous. What about going to your "Match history" and selecting the game you just played? A good strategy can result in a super-buffed Pokemon that sweeps an entire team, but that same strategy can be defeated often in one single correct Pokemon move by your opponent.

Dec 5, Posts: Worse, certain actions can only be performed with hotkeys.