10 Facebook Messenger features you’re not using (but should)

To place a video call, tap the blue video icon in the top-right of a message. Sure, it's beneficial to take advice, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are genuine and true to yourself. After he and I — in separate messages — asked Facebook about the inconsistency of their explanation and mentioning the user's private test — said Facebook-employee was attentive at first, and promised further examination of the issue, seemed to be enthusiastic, but after a while, we did not receive any more responses from him.

Facebook has a lineup of really addicting games from user favorites Words with Friends and to classics like Pacman and Snake — all of which can be played right in Messenger. If you like to keep your Messenger inbox looking spick and span, you might want to delete your old messages once you're done with them.

The desktop version of Messenger mimics the mobile app, but with a two-column layout: The bot will then ask you to send the top text i. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Facebook Messenger lets you search for GIFs and has an entire library of stickers for your conversation.

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When you do send this kind of message, keep it light and fun. Again, don't send a bunch of links. To get to the GIFs section, simply swipe over to the right from this menu. We tested it out and were able to send animated GIFs to Android users via text messaging, so none of your friends have to miss out on those awesome GIFs.

How to Send GIFs in iMessage

The test was basically this: Doodle Draw Game, an online version of Pictionary that you can play with friends inside a chat window. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. If you're a loner, or you want to get some practice, start a conversation with yourself to play any game alone.

No one likes a complainer. However, the link mentioned in our story pointed to a Tumblr blog, not included on the black list.

Facebook Messenger: Here’s How to Block and Unblock Someone

Once you find the GIF you want, go ahead and tap on it to open it. Don't be dramatic and demanding! Mute notifications. I mean, where do people find good memes anyway? That's incredibly rude, immature, and unfair. There are currently 42 animation options, and they're all adorable.

Don't jeopardize your chances by seeming jealous and possessive. A huge no-no when texting your crush is to focus on your respective exes. Life is expensive. If you ever meet someone and like them so much that you want to friend them instantly, you can have them scan your unique profile code. For this reason, unless you both have some crazy schedules that keep you awake all night, avoid the late-night texts if you are looking for a genuine relationship.

Are they being overly sarcastic? Joking too much? The desktop version features all the same capabilities and settings as the Messenger app — you can send photos, emoticons, place phone calls and video chat. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.