Azari the fire elf

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Hailing from the Shadow World , this dark witch has been plotting her revenge for the past thousand years. Secrets of Elvendale seem custom-made to attract fairies-and-magic-mad young children: All heads were all smiles from until when the Pirates theme appeared.

Emily Jones has another terrifying vision: Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. O Reply. Classic Streaming-TV Shows. It failed quite miserably, though, since Lego completely forgot its core concepts, where the sets could hardly even be combined with others of the same theme. I sometimes wear all purple, which generally gets a few comments!

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Fun, friends, music, adventures. Her evil bats and spiders are everywhere. Latest News Welcome! Emily is a steady and sturdy character -- she takes her responsibility to Elvendale -- and even her annoying little sister -- seriously.

Azari Firedancer Minifigure LEGO®

Lego co-funded the TV series, so they seem to have had rather high hopes for it. One night, after Emily is telling her younger sister, Sophie, a bedtime story, Emily goes into the portal leading to Elvendale. Rosalyn explains that they were once in love, but Cronan started to slip away from her. Learn how we rate. These guardians are said to be the source of elemental powers for Elvendale. Gallery View. You know how your ears turn red when you get embarrassed?

Follow IMDb on. Volume 9. Sign in or join to save for later. That's when she learned her destiny. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Item Location see all. In fact, Farran is throwing you a Welcome-Back Party at his tree house.

Emily Jones and her elf friends have no idea what ancient dark forces are plotting to do in the magical land of Elvendale - The elf witch Ragana comes across an old book that tells the legend of the most powerful, evil witch of all time: What is your returns policy?

I also like Fabuland now much more as an adult. She is an earth elf with an affinity for air-related activities. In her plot to gain more power, she stole Queen Elandra 's dragon eggs, but her plan was foiled by Emily Jones and her friends.

Can control fire Strengths: Packaging see all.