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There is also no evidence of a link between autism and vaccination, or pollution in general, and certainly not diet. Most cost effective, only drops needed daily,1 bottle last a long time. Unfortunately, some websites give the impression that their site is mine—either by using my name and picture, or writing as if they are me. The inventor believes that this information is too important to the world that any one person or any group should have control.

Miracle Mineral Solution: MMS

Please read this excellent article which clearly explains vaccine ingredients http: MMS is not bleach, they say, no matter how the media reports it. We also strongly encourage any parents who choose to administer MMS to their children to report it to their physician so that side effects can be monitored.

Join us on Facebook. Actions against Kerri Rivera Kerri Rivera, who has no recognized health-related credentials, claims that autism is caused by parasites and can be cured by MMS.

July 3, Common sense says its not genetic when its increased dramatically within a short time span AND many children have recovered from their symptoms.

Bleachgate: More Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Madness

Haymarket Media. One chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen. The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. It makes sense to me that if MMS is no worse than these drugs, why not let it be?

Apparently unable to do this, she signed an assurance of voluntary compliance [12] under which she is barred in Illinois from a selling chlorine dioxide or similar substances to Illinois residents and b presenting at future Illinois conferences concerning the use of such substances to treat autism.

Indeed MMS lacks all the research data that conventionally is required for conventional pharmaceuticals. I kid you not. I understand the concern I am would never take a product if I thought it was dangerous for me to do so. Here they are again quite open: High oral doses, such as those recommended in MMS labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. Thanks for following me over here, Perfesser!

They believe that huge numbers of the population are infected with parasites, and that these are causing everything from cancer to autism.

Chlorine Dioxide and MMS: Because I would readily accept your claims, if you showed me enough high quality evidence. Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Retrieved October 25, And by only talking about testimonials, even personal ones, you demonstrate your ignorance on clinical trials and why we need them.

And those living in poverty or in remote sections of the country are underdiagnosed and undertreated; if they had access, one would expect the numbers of those diagnosed would only rise. Is urine really sterile?

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Home Search. That is how your claim sounds to a scientific thinker. Amazon will donate 0. Fascinated, with the results, he embarked on years of study and testing to perfect the solution that has since saved untold thousands of lives and worked to help eradicate bacteria and viral conditions in the human body.

Department of Justice news release, Oct 28, So here goes. It seems to me that these elixirs are always accompanied by a conspiracy theory narrative: Compared to chlorine dioxide, NaClO 2 is practically harmless.