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A dodge ball match was organised during Active School Week and soccer match with 6th class pupils leaving the school at end of year.

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The gymnastics strand was a huge success this year because of a whole school approach. Fresh fruit and bottle of water Thursday: Jump to samples main Prodigy main. Each class got a minimum of two different activities which were all non-competitive.

Intercultural Day — It was decided at the start of the school year to prioritise the dance strand for further development.

The founder of Fit4Skool visited the staff and gave a full demonstration of the programme during a Croke Park hour. Most of the running group participated in a charity 5k in the local area at the end of June. The very same loop is used both of tracks. New ideas are trialled as often as possible. Tom Scott and The L. All of the entries were displayed in the individual classrooms. Tennis balls and elastic bands were introduced. Each child participated at their own level. The school organised a whole school art competition to design an Active School poster and slogan in Irish for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Pupils are encouraged to play this game with their friends during their break times. These are set up in the yard on certain days each term and each class level is assigned a time to complete the trails. There are loads of old Prodigy samples, various other breaks and vocals that people would recognise, as this was actually one of the first sample CD that the early rave producers used!

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Children record all activity they participated in and attempt to do something active each day. The following Wednesday, a staff meeting was used to demonstrate some of the activities that had been done on the course, so that all staff would benefit.

There has been significant investment in sports equipment for the pupils to use at their break times, including a table tennis table to cater for wet day activities. Older pupils act as Skipping Leaders for the younger classes and the school sets Skipping Challenges for pupils that pupils work towards achieving. Water Walk — We organised a Water Walk during Lent to highlight the plight of children in third world countries and to emphasise how precious water is.

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It turns out that Mobb Deep rapper-producer Havoc took a piano melody from the song and slowed it down at two different pitches to create a two-bar loop more reminiscent of a bass guitar than keyboard. These suggestions are considered by the staff when drawing up a timetable of activities. Teachers teach the same PE strand at the same time every month thus facilitating the set-up of equipment and providing them with the opportunity to share ideas and resources with one another Children with special needs receive additional individual PE time with their SNA to help to improve their mobility, co-ordination and confidence.

Details of courses included in application form. During the last 12 months, PE has definitely been more prominent at meetings. Bibs were purchased to identify the play leaders. The school uses the Bizzy Break! New ideas and resources were shared with all staff members and the children really enjoyed this as a new activity.