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Check Yourself 5 If 1 kilogram kg is 2. An Application Involving Multiplication by a Power of 10 To convert from kilometers to meters, multiply by 1, Some examples of decimal fractions are , , and. Since these tubes only come in 0.

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This will be the numerator of the common fraction. More Rounding Help To the nearest It is accurate only to a certain number of places and is called an approximate number. Check Yourself 7 Use the number line in Example 7 to round 3.

Discard the remaining digits to the right.

Rounding numbers to the nearest 1,000

Then discard the remaining digits. For instance, filling up at a gas station means reading decimal amounts. What was the average donation?

Divide and round the quotient to the indicated decimal place. Next, using what we learned about place values, you can easily write decimals as common fractions. The rightmost digit, 3, is in the hundredths position.

Decimals - McGraw Hill Higher Education

What was the increase in mileage? Example 2 illustrates this rule. Example 7 illustrates the use of this rule. Write in words.

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Often both addition and subtraction are involved in a calculation. To find the price per item, divide the total price by How much fence does she need to buy? Write your answer as a decimal number rounded to the nearest hundredth. Above and Beyond 2. Seventy-one thousandths