95 X-Men Members Ranked From Worst To Best

Eventually, Lilandra and the Starjammers' opposition to Deathbird's rule sparked rebellions across the Empire, and following an attempted takeover of the Empire by the shape-shifting alien Skrulls, Lilandra settled matters with Deathbird, discovering her sister did not want the throne anymore. Because of the antagonism between humans and mutants, they both must keep this affair a secret.

Rick Remender John Cassaday.

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She's been possessed a few times too. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Benjamin Deeds was first introduced as a quiet dude who kinda blended in the background until it was revealed that blending into the background was part of his mutant power.

X Ultimate Comics: He's one of the Avengers now, so This section needs expansion. He's a great metaphor for a person with the raw talent to change the world who just doesn't have what it takes to do anything with it. He first appears in Uncanny X-Men No.

They fought but lost ground until Sinister arrived to save them. While they were vacationing in Mexico, they were targeted by a terrorist cell. Corsair was referenced in Ultimate X-Men 's Sinister storyline, but not as a person.

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Many of my peers picked Wolverine , Cable or Archangel as favorites. He then blew up a car, knocking out Northstar and Aurora. These X-Men include an alternate version of Alex who is codenamed 'Warshot'. For a while there his characterization was really inconsistent, and writers couldn't decide whether he was a competent leader or an insecure yokel, but he's been given a lot more respect over the years.

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But her gig as a pop star is crucial to the X-Men's mission of integration, and you can make a strong argument that she does more to encourage acceptance of mutant in culture than any of her peers who mainly specialize in smashing stuff. In a perfect world where Marvel never messed with the ending of Grant Morrison's New X-Men , Xorn would not be a real character, but rather a disguise assumed by Magneto to infiltrate the X-Men.

Naming their vessel the Starjammer, and themselves the Starjammers , the group functioned as space pirates targeting Shi'ar vessels, thus taking vengeance on the Shi'ar but taking care not to harm innocent passengers in the process.

Summers pushed his sons Alex and Scott out of the plane with their only parachute. Juggernaut is traditionally an X-Men villain, but joined the team for a while during Chuck Austen's legendarily awful run in the mid-'00s. It was then that they encountered Corsair, who was alive and well and back in charge of the Starjammers. Before surrendering, Alex destroys Finality.

She was more interesting in the '80s, to be honest. Some writers can go a bit overboard in terms of making him miserable, but the character is definitely more compelling when he's dealing with dark stuff rather than just standing around and being the obligatory big strong dude on a superhero team. Alex laughs off Vulcan, seeing the baby as a beacon of hope.