Naming of the Americas

Birds and the bees. Traditional history lessons about the discovery of America also raise questions about the meaning of discovery itself. China and Japan, he believed, lay a bit farther to the north.

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They were of course preceded by the pre-historic Asian forebears of Native Americans, who migrated across some ice-bridge in the Bering Straits or over the stepping stones of the Aleutian Islands.

We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. John the Baptist's day June 24th , the land of America was found by the merchants of Bristow, in a ship of Bristowe called the 'Mathew,' the which said ship departed from the port of Bristowe the 2nd of May and came home again the 6th August following. I have a real problem with being supposedly allying myself as a Floridian to America and with the country being called America and needing to self-indentify as an American.

Register Sign In. All along, of course, the two continents we now call North and South America had already been "discovered. Sixth Century — Irish Monks: He had expected to reach China or Japan by now, but there was still no sign of land.

Portugal was Europe's leading maritime power. Further, Hudd used a quote from a late 15th-century manuscript a calendar of Bristol events , the original of which had been lost in an Bristol fire, that indicated the name America was already known in Bristol in Views Read Edit View history.

It even gets a little more interesting. Charles H. In Europe, Asia and Africa there are numerous nations with all of them acknowledging to be Europeans, Asians or Africans. I have been dismayed by this since I learned of it in elementary school.

And in any case, Columbus was convinced that he could find an easier and faster route to Asia by sailing west. America, This "theory" is actually more of a legend. Columbus managed to calm his men and persuade them to be patient a while longer.

Tens of thousands of native people were worked to death or died of smallpox, measles, and other European diseases to which they had no immunity. And from the latter name comes our word America. They never settled again. Not until did someone find bills of trading records indicating that Richard Amerike was involved in this business. The word Niiji is an Anishinaabek word originally used by the Ojibway and Cree to mean friend.

Turtle Island: The Original Name for North America

Finally, angry and impatient after six discouraging years in Spain, he threatened to seek support from the king of France. Where did they come from, when did they arrive in the Americas, and how did they make their epic journeys? It appeared in feminine forms in Amelia and Emily; its masculine forms were Amery, Emeric, and Emery. Spanish missionaries denounced this mistreatment, but with little effect. The Year China Discovered America.

From San Salvador, Columbus sailed on to several more islands, still believing that he was close to Japan "because all my globes and world maps seem to indicate that the island of Japan is in this vicinity. I do not see what right any one would have to object to calling this part after Americus, who discovered it and who is a man of intelligence, [and so to name it] Amerige , that is, the Land of Americus, or America: Being both entertaining and educational, his accounts of the new world were reprinted in almost every European language.

Latin, Anglo, etc..

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He was the one who made it possible for them to conquer the Western Hemisphere — and to bring with them the diseases that apparently wiped out 90 percent of the population. Others, vowing to avenge themselves, attacked any Spaniards they found in small groups and set fire to their huts.

Two series of documents on his voyages are extant.