BPT ALM 11 Change – BPTWrapperTest and DataTable issues

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If you are using an external DB table, and other applications access it directly, its logic should either be contained in some sort of service to access it from OutSystems, or in the database itself stored proc, triggers, etc.

Thanks a lot, Jeremy! Previous Datatable.

Details Tab: Is it correct that many internal outsystems tables have no primary key such that cannot be clustered? Once you click on the input parameter link, the Component iterations dialogue box is opened.

Expected behavior Some of the documented expected behavior is show on below document: You can even create subfolders under your main folder. Buttons in the design tab are displayed in the following order.

Application area contains shared object repositories, function libraries and all other settings required to automate the Components. It is designed specifically to be robust and to make sure that every instance is started and completed.

Default value: You signed out in another tab or window. Software configurations: Enables us to create, manage, and automate reusable Business Components, which will contain the steps to perform a specific function in a Business process.

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Manual testers design the manual Component for the required functionality, which is automated by the automation tester. They design the manual Business Components which will test a specific action or functionality. Accepted Solutions. Click Developer Tools and then add.

Dumpling Wrapping Party

Today's Edition. At least three dozen tortilla shops have joined in the Chihuahua state campaign to print appeals for help on the thin paper wrappers that shopkeepers use to wrap up a pound or two of hot tortillas at a time. This is the module where you drag and drop the Components in some logical order to prepare BPT's which will forms one test scenario, and you can debug the Components.

Launching Xcode As it is an inbuilt framework, you do not need to write code to build the framework. If you need high performance, you need to use the new "lightweight processes" that have been discussed but I am not sure if they are public yet. RSS feed. Depends on what you really mean?

ALM and BPTWrapperTest

Based on the add-ins you have selected other environment related settings options. Enter the step name to describe the step, description exact operation that you want to perform on the application and the expected result application status after performing the step. Keyword-driven component Navigate to the automation tab.

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