BlackBerry Messenger Will be Free iOS and Android App

BBM alone allows this.

With Blackberry Messenger groups, the messaging app lets you share images, lists, and meetings with members of a group up to 30 individuals. Enter Go to article. BlackBerry App World: An iOS version had previously begun making its public debut last month , but was quickly halted due to demand strain on its servers.

The bottom right menu button opens the extended menu like the image to the left. Retrieved October 10, Hurry Before It's Gone!

BBM comes to the iPhone and Android - TechRepublic

Sometimes when you open it it says you have no conversations and it stays like that for a while, until after that it starts opening the conversations. These applications are installed directly onto your device and offer similar features, including sending and receiving instant messages with voice, video, picture or text content and social networking.

Users who want the full BlackBerry Messenger experience will still need a BlackBerry smartphone to get it. Once it gets viral, numbers increase exponentially. BlackBerry Cool. BBM An instant messaging classic goes multi-platform. It has been plagued by severe layoffs and is in the process of potentially being acquired, rumored to be by a group led by Fairfax Financial or perhaps Lenovo. Description Discover the new BBM and everything it has to offer! In addition to these handy functions, you can also view when the other contact is typing, like when using WhatsApp.

This news is fake.. Discover the new BBM and everything it has to offer!

BlackBerry begins rolling out BBM for Apple's iPhone

This is certainly good news for BlackBerry — and it definitely needs all that it can get. Read next: BlackBerry Messenger was launched on August 1, Hidden categories: I do like the glimpse feature. Android , Android 2.