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Finally, he criticised the Sheikh Al-Azhar for supporting a rebellion against the ruler of a country. Religious and academic work: This immense size and grounded respect make the head of al-Azhar an extraordinarily powerful and academically influential person. He addressed all segments of Egyptian society including the Copts and the military and called for unity and a return to civilian rule. I am not a criminal or a terrorist. Leadership of this council means that the Sultan of Sokoto remains the only figure that can legitimately claim to speak on behalf of all Nigerian Muslims.

Lineage, Development, Administrative Influence: Sheikh Tamim completed his studies at a private school in UK before going on to graduate at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst in These welfare activities are run with efficiency and rival those carried out by the state, giving the organisation even broader appeal. We have also included several calligraphy pieces throughout the book, which we hope will serve as a beautiful reminder to pause and reflect as you go through the book.

During his three terms as Prime Minister, Turkey saw unprecedented economic growth, constitutional reform, and a re-emergence as a major global power.

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Libya is another problem. The central team asked the local team headed by Qamarul Hoda and Haji Nayaruzaman not to discriminate affected people on religious or caste lines while distributing relief.

Senegal Born: In , he presided over the GCC Summit, where he was commended for his ongoing efforts toward political and economic cooperation amongst the GCC states.

Siddique Hassan and secretary Ejaz Ahmad Aslam along with doctors and workers made an intensive tour of the flood devastated districts with money and material help recently. Lineage, Scholarly Influence: AlAzhar is currently the largest university in the world, having risen from a group of three schools in the s to its current state with 72 feeder schools, and close to , students studying there at any one time.

This does not mean that Islam is a religion of limitations for these texts are a vast ocean and their principles can be inwardly worked out almost infinitely in practice.

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President Buhari ran as the main opposition candidate in the presidential elections of , and , all ending in defeat, before winning in The redistribution of this tax for the com- mon good is one of the key roles of a marja. Their dominant and lasting influence cannot be denied, especially the rulers, who in many cases also appoint religious scholars to their respective positions.

Runs one of the foremost centres for Islamic education in the world. Thousands of Rohingya attempted to flee by boat to Malaysia after Thailand, which was the narrow land link between Myanmar and Malaysia, cracked down on the traffickers moving Rohingya by land.

Fighter for Social Justice: