Temple Matchup Zone

Even in a pressure.

The Combination Man to Man Zone Defense in Basketball

The objective is 2 fold. If, for example, an opponent solves the zone, what is Plan B? The match-up zone faces a 3-out, 2-in offensive set.

They trap the basketball with the post player who helped keeping their hands high and attempting to force the offensive player to pass back out to the top of the key.

You move with your check until you reach another defenders area, then bump your check to the other defender. And because the zone is less aggressive on the ball, teams can minimize foul trouble. Post a Comment. This requires them to establish position between the opponent and the basketball on the flight of the pass into the high post. You must work at dribble penetration against a zone in practice.

Basketball Defense - Match-up Zone Defense

This zone press is an extension of the match-up zone. They have length and size inside. Here are the most common skip passes and how to defend them. Alternately diagram I , when O2 passes to O1, X4 should be dropping inside. We often use the phrase "Protect the House" with this defense as the looks very similar to that shape. Deception is key.

Pete Gillen on Attacking Match-up Zones -

It breaks down all your principles. This is very similar to the disruptive nature of the zone defense In fact, these two defenses are very similar when you dig down into the details. All we want is for the ball handler to pay more attention to the defender than he does to his receivers.

The principles of the defense are rather simple and uncomplicated: Box Sparta, MI Look at the basic zone and then stretch it.

Today, two of the most intriguing teams in college basketball — Kentucky and No. The coverage pattern is identical to that in Diagram A, except that X5 will drop down to the low block and pick up O5. Players do not have to expend as much energy — although in the best zones they often do — so they may have fresher legs for the other end of the floor.

Mullaney was a basketball visionary who was years ahead of his time when he invented this defense. Additionally, players should always be instructed to protect the paint first, then look to pickup their check afterwards if they get lost momentarily.

Although most teams prefer to play man-to-man, the zone has been an ally of college teams in the past, including Michigan State under Jud Heathcote, who guided the Spartans to the national championship using a zone defense.

Pete Gillen on Attacking Match-up Zones

The matchup zone has a similar look to the Zone but has a distinctive differrence in it's goal. Your defensive point guard plays in the area of their point guard with the ball.

Then 4 ducks in.