Aftermarket: Pristine Acid Rain and Watermark Remover

How to prevent car theft in the Philippines? Applicable for: Learn how to remove acid rain spots from your car's paint with the following 3 simple tips. Most is accounted for by the presence of sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 in rainwater.

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In addition to the natural processes that form small amounts of nitric acid in rainwater, high-temperature air combustion, such as occurs in car engines and power plants, produces large amounts of NO gas. All rights reserved. Please do understand, this product contain light chemical acid, if hitted hand, please use lotion or any skin care product to cure it. Rinse with water Please do understand, this product contain light chemical acid, if hitted hand, please use lotion or any skin care product to cure it.

Online Support. As for acid rain, the polluted elements of the rain are what cause the car harm. If you decide to go with this technique and have never tried it before, it would be best to go to a professional detailing center.

These cause a chemical reaction that will etch the paint or window over time if left untreated. Thus, a large increase in the concentration of NO and SO 2 significantly affects the pH of rainwater, even though both gases are present at much lower concentration than CO 2.

Add to wishlist. All star. Lexus ES Philippines Review: Are you affiliated with Oxychem, Glass Science, Micromagic, etc? Book Appointment Click For Prices. To preserve your clearcoat, do not allow remover to stay for any longer than a minute or two on the affected surface. Shake well the solution before use New product Remove your watermark in 1 minute!!

Follow Us. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Topgear. Acid rain , especially in industrialized urban areas, is about as real as our tormenting traffic. Contact Us. It turns your clearcoat into a map of an archipelago and can make you panic in the process!

For more helpful tips on car maintenance, please click here. Metallic Window Tint - Bad Idea! Still be How to remove acid rain spots from your car: In case you still desire to let rubbing done by your effort, asking the professional how to use this tool properly; or youtube is such a reservoir of useful knowledge, checking some guidance videos prior to getting started. After only a few hours siting on the glass, the acid actually etches the glass leaving it to look terrible with damage that is nearly impossible to remove.

Repeat if necessary. Fortunately, it can be found at any big car care retailers and hardware stores. Do I need to use micro fiber cloths for this system? I welcome any comments, suggestions or even violent reactions.