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How to Harvest Milk Thistle Seeds

Therefore the quality of a given seed lot can be improved if the seed can be sorted for maturity. For example, the seed yield for these selections increased in a linear manner with increasing seeding rate in and assumed a quadratic relationship in The objective of the agronomy trials conducted in this project was to develop appropriate management practices for the improved lines of milk thistle recently generated by the University of Saskatchewan.

This does an acceptable job of sorting out the very immature seeds The highly desirable early maturing, large seeded lines appeared to be particularly prone to shattering. Identical seeding rate and row spacing combinations similar to spring seeding were used for the fall seeding studies. Milk Thistle Germplasm. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked however the very sharp leaf-spines must be removed first.

There was no real association between yield potential and seed quality. Not only would hand harvesting be prohibitively expensive, it is doubtful that a labor pool could be identified that would be willing to work with the extremely sharp thorns on the seed heads. Milk thistle is known by several other names, including Blessed Milk thistle, Spotted thistle, St.

Learn how to survive on foraged, wild edibles during winter! Top of page. Not only would hand harvesting be prohibitively expensive, it is doubtful that a labor pool could be identified that would be willing to work with the extremely sharp thorns on the seed heads.

Add a bit of lemon juice and chopped lycium berries and toss the mixture into your blender. The mature fruit achene is relatively small with an attached white silky pappus. The low oil content in likely reflects the immature stage of the crop when hit by an early killing frost. One of the main objectives of the present project is to develop agronomic refinements needed to maximize yields and quality of the new milk thistle lines selected at the University of Saskatchewan.

Indications The extract of milk thistle is used in the treatment of toxic liver damage and is also recommended for supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases and cirrhosis. History And Folklore In ancient Greece and Rome, it was the leaves that were utilized for their beneficial properties. In , the two hail events caused early death of the crop and also caused significant amounts of shattering of seed from the seed heads.

All the tops were dead within 3 days of treatment. In general, flavonoids are widespread in the plant kingdom but glycuronide derivatives are not the most common representatives — glycosides and aglycones are much more common. Milk Thistle seed samples covering the previously outlined range of variables cultivar, site of production, year of production were sent to Dr.

Cropping conditions at the site were generally suited to milk thistle production. This process is slow and costly, particularly as the plants sport very large and sharp thorns.

Salad ingredients. There are as yet no known medicinal properties for milk thistle leaves. However, it is not clear why the quadratic responses were so dissimilar over the two years for the Richters line of milk thistle Figure 7.

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Yield responses to seeding rate were variable for the different milk thistle selections during the two years. Allergy considerations may temper potential food uses. The fact that relatively large volumes of water were used likely enhanced the efficacy of the Reglone treatment. In two years of trials, a once over harvest with a standard small plot combine produced yields that were comparable or slightly higher than a selective hand harvest.

In , the crop had been severely damaged by hail prior to application of either top-killing treatment.

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Flowers are generally red-purple. I bought them from a medicinal herb dealer. Flavonoids in Milk Thistle. Other name: The test plots were seeded on May 14,