The Batman Movie Plot: Best DC Comics Matt Reeves Could Adapt

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can! Those two wacky kids taught us how to be excellent to one another. We can thank social media for that, since many people are just converting their Facebook and Instagram accounts into a means to share cute and funny animal videos this year. Take it from this guy, sometimes when your kid decides on a Halloween costume, you just roll with it.

The 25 Best Batman Comics Of All Time

The original comic spawned a massive offshoot series called Batman Eternal, as well as fueled the events of a major Batman vs. Thank you for visiting our store Free ground shipping offer expires in Each one is a great choice for ! Halloween Costumes What kind of havoc will you enact when you wear one of our Carmen Sandiego Halloween costumes? The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

This story sees Batman plunged into a complicated new murder mystery. Of course, we've got costumes for some of the top movies of , too. Seuss Theme Party St. Try Our Search Here: Holy BatCast: Still, it might be fun to see The Batman draw inspiration from the very first Batman comic, one that hails from a time where the Dark Knight's exploits were dominated by detective work rather than battles with supervillains.

Main 0. Tell me, do you bleed? UK UK. Black Lightning. Atkins' awesome take on Batman, which he put together for the Bengals' Halloween party Friday night, joined some of his other teammates with creative and elaborate costumes.

Year One and re-imagined him as a dangerous sociopath of the sort only Gotham could create. Well, no worries! We also have a ton of animated superhero movies this year, including Spider-Man: You can check it out below.

Granted, this story is far too short and self-contained to spawn an entire movie. Hush Hush is one of the definitive modern Batman stories, one that features a winning combination of a murder mystery, a wide cast of heroes and villains and some gorgeous artwork from comics superstar Jim Lee.

Every Update You Need to Know. You can also craft your own version of these creatures with some of our unicorn horn accessories. The Wonder Woman sequel is still a ways off, but people are already psyched to see Gal Gadot pick up the mantle of the iconic comic book character once again. DC Super Hero Girls are also stealing the scene right now.

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