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Jesus, what a lame muppet. Often times new listeners are exposed to whatever is on the radio, a. Garbus, who also spent time teaching singing in Kenya, began writing and performing under the tUnE-yArDs moniker in He's a cunt. Am i alone in wondering how this was commissioned?

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So I'm going to add this one, in the hopes that it might be of use to like minded comedy fans. I think he looks a lot like Morrissey. This is like being 15 and reading the NME. He really has become a lazy comedy slag. Brooker is a weetabix haired trendy tosspiece trying to cling on to anything remotely cool these days and Stewart Lee is a hypocrite. I mean, they probably waste more apples than that just in the mouths of the pigs that ornament each of the many BBC staff parties each year.

It was only when he broke all the "rules" of painting that he became famous though. Forgot Username E-mail: I got it straight away. Little Richard the Hamster Hammond went up there once.

Stewart Lee comedian on BBC2 would be a lot funnier if he didn't repeat the same parts over and over again in the buildup to the punch line whilst telling his joke. Really, anyone talking like they are somehow smart for getting Lee and you need a higher intellect to grasp him, whereas you have to be a moron to appreciate the likes of Macintyre is just a gullible idiot who has fallen for a deliberately crafted and honed comedy act.

He tells what he thinks is a joke, then has the nerve to turns smugly to his audience and practically ask what type of joke it is and whether it's funny, again thinking he get's something everyone else doesn't, talk about vilifying the very people that pay for his meaningless existence, it's not their job to be judged it's yours you useless fucking humour vacuum.

At least he has got rid of the floppy fringe. Speed Guru vs.

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Perfectly suited to the bbc. Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, is an electronic vocalist, producer and artist originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. Shouting at TV "scots don't lay eggs" etc. Year Lower life form scum. For me he has just about managing to maintain his status to a level where you actually remember who he is since that awful lee and herring thing.

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I see the jokes, but they're usually so drawn out that I see the punchline a mile away. He seemed even more ennoyingly up himself in this first episode. To hear the audience braying with laughter always puzzles me; it makes me think I'm too "daft" to get it.

His smugness would wrap itself round my fist and slowly consume it, infecting me in the process.