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Kailyn and Javi's future is up in the air. In March , the court ruled that Chelsea will retain full custody of Aubree.

Teen Mom Stars, Then and Now!

Jenelle reveals her pregnancy to Barbara and Jace. Chelsea comes face to face with Adam's new girlfriend Jessica. Retrieved March 26, Nicole Pomarico. Chelsea brings home baby Watson. Kailyn is Isaac's mother. Retrieved August 29, Kailyn goes skydiving to cope with her marital issues with Javi. Right on point on everything that goes on in my life.

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Edwards was recently arrested for heroin possession, and he is now married to Mackenzie Standifer. Nathan prepares for jail and Jenelle worries about being alone. Retrieved June 5, Morgan J. Jeremy has to leave town for a new job for three to four months, much to Addie and Leah's dismay. Kailyn and Javi take the next step by moving in together. Adam has a visitation request for Chelsea.

Teen Mom Stars, Then and Now!

Kailyn struggles to get two cranky kids ready for Javi's return home. Kailyn and Jo fight over her move to Delaware with Javi. Kailyn's child support hearing is postponed and Jo meets Jordan for the first time. Chelsea is upset by Adam's online behavior.

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Chelsea talks about her relationship with Adam and they open up to each other. Retrieved August 22, Leah and Jeremy work on their marriage. She's started up multiple businesses including a furniture store and frozen yogurt shop.