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Jordan Rutledge JordanRutledge a year ago lwas on a date and she asked me if I wanted wine and I said'"I don't think they serve wine here" and she deadass says "oh no l brought some" and pulled a yeti cup out of her purse and l think about this a lot 1: Maybe not, but I have to take the chance. After the incident, Cardi went on Instagram to lay out her issues with Nicki, and accused the Queen rapper of trying to stop her bag money, opportunities, etc.

I hope you like this one and maybe can learn a little bit more about me knowing what I carry around with me all the time, lmao!! So, after a few hours he used the washroom and I heard it flush.

#NickiStoppedMyBag Memes Have Got Nicki Minaj Joining In on the Fun

Designs by BohoChix. There are a lot of takeaways here maybe a test flush is a good idea? Once that was done. I have a piece of my poo in my purse. Sea To Summit Cutlery 8. Draw as much fairies as you can during February! Gotta redraw your keys. Culture Like Follow Follow. I Got A Big Purse! Views 3, Favourites 53 who? She literally encounters an obstacle, comes up with a solution in her head, and types up a formula for it on the fly.

Blackpeopletwitter, Women, and Reason: My brother-in-law has a synergy that he bought at this same time, and he is still using it 8 or so years later. Wait Whaat!!!!

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