Subaru Legacy Squealing noise when steering wheel is turned Inspection at your home or office.

Seems to me that anybody taking it for 2 second spin would know what is wrong.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I've never changed the belts myself, on a car newer than about so I'll have to find some diagrams.

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Check tension again, redo if it's not right. A whining noise from under the hood, especially while you turn the steering wheel at a stop or slow speeds.

As the driver turns the steering wheel the pump sends fluid to a cylinder which assists the driver turn the wheel. How does YourMechanic work?

But these replies are the winners! According to the Mechanic, I need to change the power steering pump. Today when starting the car after a day of not driving there was a squealing sound when turning the wheel and the steering felt very heavy as though the car was in mud. Thread Tools. This has to be the easiest repair you'll find on HowTune. Tighten the belt s. Second pump still whined until we took off the fluid reservoir and found a chunk of gook clogging up the small outlet.

noise when turning

It sounds like the power steering belt is slipping, maybe there isn't enough tension on the belt at when it's cold to keep it from slipping on one of the pulleys. Cheers guys I haven't noticed it happen at a specific time i. How to: I forgot to tell you the make and model its a Subaru Legacy 2. Worn Out Belt: Regards, dunx. Open the hood and see if there are two drive belts or if one is missing.

Power Steering Pump Noise

Average Dealer price. I am weary. A brand new belt will relax as it's put under load No clutch it's an auto.