Doctor Who Season 7.5 Episode Titles and Spoilers – Beware!

Doctor Who series 10 spoilers: here are 7 things we DEFINITELY know

Type keyword s to search. Asylum of the Daleks preview". Retrieved 26 October The answers will lead the Doctor and her friends towards a deadly reckoning. The Doctor enters his own timeline to rescue Clara, after she discovers a previously unseen incarnation of the Doctor that apparently broke the promise that goes alongside the title The Doctor.

'Doctor Who' season 7 finale: The Doctor's name is

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No producer of Doctor Who wants to see the show die on their watch. Serves as a prologue to "The Snowmen". Once Clara is back home, she finds that the Maitland children have found photos of her from her travels, along with a picture of Victorian Clara.

Retrieved 25 June In the Christmas special the Doctor sports a new costume, tying into the purple colour scheme, which Smith described as "a bit Artful Dodger meets the Doctor". Glassman would actually be able to recover, after the initial scare of thinking his tumor was inoperable.

This page was last edited on 20 February , at Retrieved from " https: Nominations News". Two or three times in the episode, we see lightbulbs sometimes flickering , courtesy of the electricity that has been rigged up by Kahler-Jax. On the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos lies the remains of a brutal battlefield.

Doctor Who Recap: What’s in a Name?

To the Doctor's surprise, he finds an Ice Warrior , the famed Grand Marshal Skaldak, who had been thawed out of the ice after years. What lies beyond the mists? Colm McCarthy Farren Blackburn. Now, this new teaser seems to suggest that Shaun will play an important role in the treatment plan for his tumors. Or if you've ever seen Black Sheep , the comedy-horror flick about rampaging mutant lambs, picture something along those lines.

The project, however, has its own problems and the Doctor is sent to an alternate universe. November feels like forever from now.