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Press on the handle of the piston rod and squeeze the trigger of the grease gun until delivery of grease is seen at the end of the grease gun applicator tube. Then, stick the open end of the barrel into the container of grease and slowly pull back on the plunger rod to fill the reservoir with grease. Use a cloth or rag to wipe excess grease from the end of the barrel.

Lucas Oil® Mini Grease Gun

Please verify your age! This metal ring can be folded in on itself or pried out with the old grease tube still attached.

Next page. Have a question? Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. After removing the metal seal from the end of the replacement grease cartridge, the end of the cartridge and the removed metal seal will have exposed sharp edges. Long lasting all-weather lubrication.

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Goes in Not The Machine. If it hasn't been stored upside down, shaking it hard once or twice toward the cap can help to settle it in the direction you want, before inserting it. For lawn mower parts and accessories, think Jacks!

How to Prime a Grease Gun It Still Runs

Tip If your gun loses prime in the middle of the task, you can unscrew the bleeder screw and pump the handle a couple times instead of pushing the T-handle and rod in and out through the grease.

You will have the opportunity to find and choose one in your area before placing your order. She received her Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. Unscrew the metal cylinder inside the grease gun and pull the empty grease cartridge out.

How to Load and Prime Any Grease Gun - LOCKNLUBE

Yes No. In this issue, the grease gun will be dissected to uncover all of its component characteristics.

Wipe excess grease from the dispensing tip and the body of the grease gun.

No Grease Didn't supply Grease Verified purchase: Never arived. Previous page. This item qualifies for free shipping to the lower 48 U. Should the tapered spring have the wider end toward the nozzle case or towards the extension? Continue screwing together the head and barrel.