Different Types of Palm Wine

For instance, this time around is a scarce period, so the trees hardly produce enough palm wine and that means that we can only tap a little quantity. Some of the youths, who are into the business need to be connected.

These risks increase with age. It is obtained by fermentation of aguamiel, which is the name given to the juices of various cacti, notably Agave atrovirens and A.

Enter your email: The effects on non-drinkers victims in accidents, physical abuse, fetal effects, etc are equally severe. The treeshrews metabolize the alcohol very efficiently and do not appear to become drunk from the fermented nectar.

This method causes the dough to expand and rise overnight thereby softening the bread. Become a supporting member instead. The customers sit upon a worn log and, like drinkers the world over, talk about women, weather and, as little as possible, work. Even with introduction of foreign beers this drink has stayed popular with locals who see it as a part of their daily life.


In Kerala, toddy is sold under a licence issued by the excise department and it is an industry having more than 50, employees with a welfare board under the labour department. At this stage, the product is a sweet, white, mildly intoxicating aromatic beverage. About Us Advertise. In the case of Tuak, the palm sap is mixed with raru bark during the distillation process to create a unique palm brandy.

That evening, he will return to take the bottle away, which will be filled by then with natural palm wine—the gently inebriating beverage that kills heat, cements friendship, pleases the gods and provides solace in tropical West Africa. Beyond a certain threshold, the wine no longer gains alcohol content and further fermentation produces vinegar. Lasekan, O. Palm wine plays a significant role in many African occasions and traditional events , for example, it is served as a special drink to guests during celebrations, birth celebrations, parties and weddings etc.

The first is a non-alcoholic drink believed to have medicinal properties for your digestive system. The palm wine trade can be more productive and safe if tappers work in cooperatives to improve their market power.

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Eetha Kallu is very sweet and less intoxicating, whereas Thati Kallu is stronger sweet in the morning, becoming sour to bitter-sour in the evening and is highly intoxicating. Over the past years, there has been a growing interest in unravelling some natural drinks that are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. If the opening is tight, it would produce strong and sweet wine but if it is lose, it would produce watery, weak wine.

In states of Telangana , Andhra Pradesh India , toddy is a popular drink in rural parts that is frequently consumed at the end of the day after work. Follow us on social media: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

I once had an eye problem and when I visited a hospital, the doctor recommended that I should be taking palm wine with the yeast in it as it will help me to correct the eye problem.