Learn How to Sew Lined Curtains

Step 8: Sew a straight hem along both sides of your curtain panels as well as the lower hem on the top section where the grommets go. Default Widget This is Sidebar 3.

Would love to buy them from u…. Cheryl Spangenberg 11 comments. DIY Home Decor. I am so sorry RJ but that was a long time ago and I do not! Pin the top edge in place.

I made my first set of curtains and they came out perfect. Tips An even number of grommets ensures that the drape folds back toward the window at each end.

Measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to the floor. Your instructions were great but I am having trouble with size of grommets…. Stitch hem in place. I like the […]. Turn Right Side Out. Jean - April 3, How do you know how wide to make the panel? Good quality.

What does it do for the project?

grommet top curtains tutorial (a step by step free guide)

Cut your fabric and lining. Currently reside in a 7th floor corner NY Apartment that really catches the wind in the winter and the cold seeps through the windows to pass unhindered through the thin metal blinds the previous tenant installed.

Hi Susan! They are beautiful and drape perfectly. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Stitch in place with a straight stitch.

how to make grommet top curtains

You may have to adjust your placement slightly to make sure your grommets are evenly spaced. Thanks in advance, Sam. Using all 8 ensures that both ends look the same. Sew the lining and fabric together.

Quick Crafts. Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising. Be sure to leave an 8-inch opening on one side so you can pull the draperies right side out later. But, it turned out nice because it tinted the curtains a little "grey" hue that looks lovely with the walls and our couch.

All good tips, however there should always be an even number of grommets to make sure the curtains hang so that both edges are towards the wall instead of one facing the room.