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This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. So, maybe thinking of your flute as a straw instead of a beer bottle might help hit those high notes more consistently. Do you think students will know what they need to do if you give them that direction?

Simply pay attention to what sounds best and try to replicate what you were doing when you made a pleasing sound. Now do this repetition lots of times and feel the jet of air with your finger.

Such is learning, although my fingers now know so many tunes to play from the whistle which always has a tone and from the changes in posture trying to play the flute brings. Yes, flute headjoints most definitely have a sweet spot.

Flute blowing on The Session

Get your flute students technical exercises just for them, or at least for woodwinds rather than brass. If you have a flute similar to the First Flute Irish, Bamboo, etc then only cover the holes with your left hand leaving the holes normally covered with the right hand open. Start on an easy key like F, rather than a key that goes really low on the flute like D.

Ijust want to play. N Nohkan. Study yourself in the mirror. By Richard Harrison. Here are some of the most egregious:. This will leave your bottom lip covering part of the hole in the flute, but be sure it is not too much, as you still need enough space to push your breath through the top and bottom of the opposite edge. Position the flute below your mouth.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. And when it sounds good, you are! When you reintroduce the tongue, make sure the tongue is only involved in starting the note, not ending it. Flute Message Board

Coordinating fingers and tongue — have you ever heard a student try to play a fast passage while their fingers and tongue are out of phase? On the other hand, advanced skis have a narrow sweet spot that gives a lot of control in turns and with speed. As a benchmark; it should be as far back from the centre of the emboucher hole as the dimension of the internal diameter of the head-joint.

This is different than lower on the flute, where you are letting up to generate the vibrato. The opening between your lips should be centered over the hole in your flute, even if the opening is not directly in the center of your mouth. H Hyperbass flute. Trust me, every flute player has experienced the nay palm at one time or other.

I've removed your second question about braces, as Melanie has asked it separately. Have you ever tried using a portable mirror and putting it at the right angle to your face and another mirror to check what you would look like in a mirror image?

Because of the higher frequency of the sound in the third octave, you have to engage the abdominal muscles more to make the vibrato noticeable. Ok, enough of getting to know yourself better.

One advantage that the First Flute has over a Concert Flute other than the price is that a novice can learn to blow a flute easier because the fingering is very basic. Check out where the lip plate pressurises your skin against your lower gums so you can get the location right again and again.

How To Play a Side Blown Flute

Also, trying varying the shape and pressure of your blowing, and how far your bottom lip extends over the hole. Definitely the best advice you can have is practice! When you hit a baseball or softball with the sweet spot of the bat, the ball travels much farther than if the ball makes contact with another part of the bat. Say it staccato.