Reviving a Dying Yucca Plant

Yucca yucatana. Yucca filamentosa L. Yucca flaccida 'Wilder's Wonderful'. Sometimes called the Joshua tree yucca. Yucca elata Engelm. Yuccas make excellent additions to the landscape, and they can also grow as container plants and houseplants when small. Yucca harrimaniae Trel. In fact, some types look so similar it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.

These fruits are quite delicious and easy to prepare by baking. Yucca Plant Quick Growing Guide: Plant the offsets in a small container and keep the plant barely moist but never soggy at all times. Depending upon how severe the infestation is, you can use these ingredients in varying proportions. Retrieved In David Wescott. Spray your plant thoroughly using neem oil sprays or insecticidal soap , and prune away all dead vegetation. It will stay small enough to be manageable for that period.

One of the popular species, Y.

Seven Easy Tips for Growing Yucca Plants Article by Plant Delights Nursery

Americas and Caribbean Common Names: The soil does not need to be rich, and in fact, a high percentage of sand or pebbles is preferable. Yucca madrensis Gentry. Even then, remember the edges of the fronds are sharp and can cut you. In desert areas, such as the southeastern United States, yucca is common outdoors plants, where they attain their full size.

At the end of the summer, cut back dead blossoms, canes and spent foliage. Spray all areas of the plant. The spears are bluish green, and the flowers greenish white.

Check it weekly to remove dead spears, canes, and flowers. If your Yucca aloifolia gets too tall for its spot in the garden, you can cut the trunk in early spring prior to the growing season to a better height and the yucca plant will resprout from the cut point. If you kill a yucca, it's probably due to overwatering. Keep the soil lightly moist and wait.