Instead of interrogating your customer with 20 questions, which makes it very easy for her to reject you, you find out right away what she had in mind by taking the initiative with positive statements. Tezer Design is known for its individual and unique jewellery in sterling silver, gold plate and gold. The technology will be available in a range of timepieces, including the Claremont, Longwood Champlain and Tanglewood collections.

Freshwater mussels can produce more than one pearl at a time and so multiple implants will produce several cultured pearls from one mollusc, making the pearls less expensive. Golden calcite with citrine and plique-a-jour enamel in silver from Designs from Memory. Natural fancy colours are also offered, both with and without certificates. Pearls have surged in popularity in the last decade, and there is now a wide range of options on the market from completely artificial simulated pearls, which may still be very attractive but of little intrinsic value, to high quality cultured pearls, which are far more expensive as they have still been created by a natural process, but with some human intervention.

Twelve years ago, in , the Jewellery Theatre Company was first registered in Moscow at my legal address. Order from his website. As with all areas of gemmology this is not a static situation and new sources, varieties and treatments continue to appear, meaning that jewellers and gemmologists alike need to keep up to speed with the latest developments to be sure they really know what they are looking at.

This is a wake-up call for jewellers. The importance of packaging in the jewellery industry cannot be underestimated, and one firm that has clearly recognised this is iconic brand Tiffany. It can make a basic tailored ring that looks ordinary with diamonds look more important with colour and diamonds.

With 40 years of experience, Dexter Seal Engravers has manufactured a range of traditional die-stamped signet rings. I know some of you have customers who are technicallyorientated and you definitely feel they could ask such a question. To arrange a visit with an agent or for a copy of our catalogue please contact us on: Sam Guiry looks at a selection of companies offering attractive presentation and packaging solutions.

It is said that the effects of these chimes work effectively on the baby during nursing once she or he has arrived. Akoya pearls are white or cream with a hint of rose pink or green, and are rarely larger than nine millimetres.

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Janet Fitch returns from IJL brimming over with new trend ideas for the coming year, including a definite focus on the themes of love, peace and happiness. In it he said: Lake Biwa in Japan, and French, Russian, European, Scandinavian and North and South American rivers and lakes have all been historic sources of freshwater cultured pearls.

There was certainly lots of spirit at IJL — it was busy and buzzy, with an atmosphere of optimism and energy, and I especially enjoyed seeing brands that I already know and love presenting fresh ideas in strong new collections. Because of this, dated items are hoarded away in bedrooms and attics with most never seeing the light of day again. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. The total number of items hallmarked across the four UK assay offices was 3.

Visual observation: Marcia Lanyon Ltd is already preparing for next spring, and its attractive new collection of stones, pearls and beads launches this month. Michael Hoare senses an injustice… T he newspapers have been full of gleeful stories about courts in shopping centres, with the more extreme foaming at the mouth at the prospect of handing out summary justice to shoplifters and other miscreants. That said, I must say, I still love performing. Carole Tanenbaum: There is already significant curtailment in these types of activities with overseas travel by holidaymakers 12 per cent down against the previous 12 months.

He said: Differentiating the yellow stones quickly can be more difficult than with some of the other colours. The state of the current financial market means people are being very cautious with spending their money and therefore they seek to invest in classic, timeless design and pearls are just that.

One of the most critical times of the year for retailers is Christmas, when the bulk of profits are made.

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Where many diamonds look alike, coloured gems vary a great deal and make it more difficult for a customer to compare. Using UV light to test gemstones also has its limitations and should be used with caution and in a black testing cabinet to obtain the best results. He concluded his high school education in , and then served for a lengthy period in the Israeli army, where he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel Res.