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Discharge or water flow: Woodland Trust.

Forests can help prevent floods and droughts — European Environment Agency

It can take thousands of years to form an inch of soil. This is achieved through minimization of soil erosion on site, reduction of sediment in water bodies wetlands, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and trapping or filtering of other water pollutants in the forest litter, particularly through the following mechanisms. Runoff systems must be carefully planned.

Thematic study for the Global Forest Resources Assessment These floods all occurred when lush forests were still abundant in Thailand. Only part of the fund is used to promote and manage the forest, which allows flexibility, especially for multiyear projects.

Not only do many cities have inefficient water-drainage systems, local land subsidence makes recent floods appear worse than past events. A warning means flooding is occurring or will occur soon. With your support, we can educate Indonesians about alternative livelihoods, so they no longer need to log. In addition, forest and water supply services work closely together.

It is commonly believed that forests are necessary to regulate stream flow and reduce runoff, and to some extent this is true.

Why Rain Forests Are Important and How to Help Us Save Them

It is therefore true that forests tend to prevent floods. The cases for and against forestry reducing flooding The role of forest management and scale Research results How native woodlands can help How a shift to continuous cover forestry may reduce flood risk The role of floodplain woodlands Opportunity mapping for trees and flood Woodland and Natural Flood Management — lessons learned Useful sites Flood Research Consortium Defra: Surface cover and runoff Surface cover is a major factor to control erosion because it reduces the impact of raindrops falling on bare soils and wind removing soil particles.

This approach can easily give the impression that flooding has become much more severe in recent times. Research spotlight: For instance, the Program for the Sustainable Development of the Rhine ICPR, , a transboundary initiative, adopts afforestation and forest conservation measures to facilitate water retention and to prevent floods in nearby downstream areas.

Fewer trees = more floods?

Studies in America Hewlett and Helvey , and South Africa Hewlett and Bosch were amongst some of the first to question the importance of the link between forest conversion and flooding. All Posts , Land management and tree planting. When a layer of water runs off a rocky surface, it reduces friction and the following layers of water will run more freely as there is less friction. Nationally designated areas CDDA.

These systems involve a total change in the way a farm is managed. Trees and other aspects of land management have a critical role to play in protecting property and farmland.

Forests and floods. Drowning in fiction or thriving on facts?

This is as a result of the improved soil structure and effect of tree roots. Search This Blog. The concept of nature for water takes into account the role of terrestrial ecosystems in enhancing water yields and water quality. As rainfall duration or intensity increases, or as distance of the rainfall area from the watershed increases, the influence of tree cover on flow regulation decreases.

Key terms Discharge or water flow: VAT No. Forgot your password? The forest ecosystem is in fact a major user of water. An early American view on forests and floods Rain which falls over a bare slope acts differently. It is essential that the cultural value of upland farming is not lost in the response to recent flooding.