What Would You Do With Your Life If Money Didn’t Exist?

Now I grew up a little and like financial security. I would have a huge chicken run for rescue chickens, and a wonderfully large herb and veggie garden.

Imagine If Money Didn't Exist. Rebelle Society

Don't think. Government is as corrupt as inefficient… look at the population dude, half of big fat people would claim with human rights commissions and ask for a free home delivery pizza everyday… there wont be any value for law and order, if everything is free, there is no need to steal, so it will reduce crime rate. Mine is to get more comfortable feeling less locked in to my job. Search Search for: April 19, at 3: Popular News. Being Chased. You work hard at your job and get paid in electronic numbers.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And I am sitting with my mother and my father eating a cheese plate in their beautiful backyard listening and sharing stories because I love that. Leave my company, and start a small lifestyle business.

If you answered the question "Why not now? Nakuul Mehta is overwhelmed by 'behna ka pyaar' on a Friend's email. Intriguing concept, though, I surely agree. We were doomed ever since. I know that still allows a way for people to scam and become greedy, but if everyone got the same, imagine how much stress would be lifted off of our shoulders?

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If Money Didn't Exist

Fast forward a few thousand years to the first minted coin in B. Imagine if those notes in your pocket were just a bunch of broken promises, unfulfilled IOUs, that at some point in time became the general currency of the world. What would it take in order to pull I will take this goal head on. Splodge 3 years ago Wedding: The 5 Second Rule: You won't regret it.

That beast that saw the gullibility and greed that lays within us, and used that to pulled off the ultimate con, the trick of all tricks, to make us believe in a myth called debt. And you don't need those new business shoes you saw on that model in the magazine.