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In extreme cases, up to 6 kW of peak electrical power demand may be needed if multiple accessories are used at once []. That equation doesn't say anything directly about how much gasoline is in the cylinder during each revolution, and as such isn't directly the fuel consumption. Avoid Accelerating in Bursts Accelerating quickly will cause both your gas and electric engines to work at the same time.

I'll reformulate my point: Range of contributions of idling to total daily emissions and fuel consumption for a truck idling for 8 hours a day.

Given your situation same RPM, same engines, different gears , both engines would consume gas at the same rate. Updated June 12, Throttle controls RPM though, right?

Cutting Fuel Costs Finding The Best RPM For Your Engine

There's lots of local maxima and you need to know the complete torque curve, aerodynamics of the car, losses from utilities which can be neglected for a first order approximation and the rolling resistance present in the wheels. In theory they would both be sucking in the same amount of air, and adding the same amount of fuel, the fuel consumption per revolution of the engine would be the same. To them I say, "ha ha ha!

Open up the throttle and on an EFI engine the computer dumps in more fuel, richens the mixture and more energy is produced during combustion, causing you to accelerate and raising the RPM. Some truck drivers have developed a habit of always keeping a diesel engine operating.

Similarly, fuel consumption seems to come in units of 0. On long stretches of highway driving, cruise control can save fuel by helping your car maintain a steady speed. Unless stated otherwise, I do not care whether a statement, by itself, constitutes a persuasive political argument.

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Cut Back on Fuel Costs by Finding The Best RPM for Your Engine

Next Next post: Hence posting a new one. The rule I have followed is "If its 2 minutes or more of idling, then you're better off switching the engine off, however if it is less than 2 minutes, then its not economically viable to switch off the engine since you would consume more fuel to start it back".

Be sure your vehicle is warmed enough to prevent stalling when you pull out. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Aug Location: That way the driver can tell at a glance how many miles per gallon, or litres per kilometre, or amp-hours per mile, they are using right now.

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Related Guides. If you usually idle for several hours overnight, take a few minutes to compare the fuel and wear-related cost of doing that against alternatives such as motel rooms, acquiring an Auxiliary Power Unit APU or using shore power. Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds. In other words, lower RPM is better when you're cruising and not trying to pick up speed.