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Who Attends The P3 Federal Conference

Republic Metropoltian. Mrs J. Rice, J. The Committee on Accounts presented their report, which was adopted.

City of Fort Lauderdale. It was beautiful to behold.

How to Read to Advantage 4 5, " City of Cuero. Lunn, on coast and hospitals at Summerville, Florence and Kingsville. One Word to a Sinner 4 5, " Flatiron Construction. City of Longview. In he became the subject of renewing grace, and was received into the New Prospect Church, and in was licensed to preach, and was at once felt to be an able minister of the Gospel. Shurley, interest. Water Environment Federation. San Diego Unified Port District.

Johnston, D. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? The returning prodigal comes in from many a battle-field and hospital, and he who has followed his Lord a great way off, is brought back to Him again by some one of the many trying scenes through which he has had to go. Table Rock Infrastructure Partners. Townes, Treasurer.

Judge O'Neall was distinguished, I think, for his humility as a Christian, and though occupying posts in the State, and receiving, at times, an homage which was well calculated to foster worldly pride, he always retained that kind of humility which condescends to small things and to men of low estate.

Chambliss, of Sumter, will go during the coming week, under appointment of the Board, to Gen. Bealer, Rev. Enjoying a reputation for liberality, and occupying a position which exposed him to calls of this kind, it is not too much to say that he has expended a small fortune in responding to such calls.

The Convention met. On application of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, located at Greenville, this book has been transferred by our Board to that.

In the interim, he taught successfully a large academy in Galveston for two years, after which he engaged with great energy in endowing Baylor University, which was felt to be a pressing educational want in the State. Registration is available at the bottom of this page. Amount invested in Confederate Bonds.

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Gates Group Capital Partners. Colorado Water Conservation Board. Eliza Mims, interest. It only needs to be presented to our people to quicken the benevolence of those who have not thought deeply upon it; and appropriate channels must be provided for making available, to the largest extent, the ready liberality of those whose hearts are alive to the subject. Boyce, Treasurer, Theological Seminary. On motion of Brother Breaker it was agreed that a Committee to nominate the several Boards of the Convention be added to the list of Standing Committees.