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How do I transfer airtime to an airtel line since I have been barred from doing that manually? How do i get in barred. There are two primary functions that you learn very quickly with Zoto- How to recharge for yourself and and how to do so for others. When you add them, they receive a text confirming the access to the Internet through your data plan.

How to Transfer & Share Data on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel

For example, to transfer N to subscriber and your password is , Compose Transfer and send to Claro Paquetes now available 7 USD: Just choose a number that is difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember. I do recommend that you change the default PIN. Previous Post: You need to type it twice to confirm it.

Hi, Yes you transfer borrowed airtime within any Airtel sim. See the most beautiful state in Nigeria.

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Yes, to share your credit, you will require a PIN. Sponsored Posts. To accept, press 1 , or press 2 to cancel. The system has changed a bit since then. Glo also gives you the ability to present someone with a data plan as a gift. Av sent a message before that what if I forgot the pin I used initially?

If you already changed from the default PIN, then you can follow the same process you used in doing so to change from your present PIN. Kindly call the customer service for assistance. Connect with. Log in Register. The feature that allows you to share your credit on Glo is called EasyShare. Hi Peter, Please call the customer service for assistance.

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Please have called to reset my transfer pin because i forgot my pin but I was asked to wait for 24hrs which is too far for me, I need to transfer the money to someone very fast. We hope you find this post useful and informative. Audu Moses. I have had excellent experience using TelephoneNigeria.

Remember to keep you PIN secret and safe though, as it is your only password to transfer. Leave this field empty. Share