Poached Eggs: How to Poach an Egg Perfectly

Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Alyssa — December 1, 2: You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Oh poached are my absolute favorite.

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Privacy Policy. Using the handle of a slotted spoon, swirl the simmering water to create a whirlpool or vortex this will help the eggs to hold their shape.

Your email address will not be published. Any suggestions, and why the vinegar? Christmas biscuits Christmas gifts Festive desserts Vegetarian Christmas see more These are the glass nesting bowls that I use all the time in my kitchen and in my videos. My parents had an egg poaching pan when I was growing up, and we had poached eggs on toast for breakfast every week! How strange!

Hi Keith — very true! Butterfinger Waffle Cake.

How to Poach an Egg

Fill a small pan just over one third full with cold water and bring it to the boil. They also have smaller or larger poaching pans. Tina M. January 14, AT 8: Lisa Bryan Downshiftology — February 5, 7: How to Cut a Mango. Spread avo smash on both pieces of toast.

Recipes using this technique.

How to make perfectly poached eggs

Lisa's Tips This is the fine mesh strainer I used in the video. I do mention on the video that the eggs should be taken out of the fridge while the water warms up, so that they warm up to room temp a bit. I just boil, in the shell, a room temperature egg for 5 min. Never season the water with salt because this will cause the white of the eggs to break up and go wispy.

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Thank you. Egg Shop: Please refresh and try again! Sign up for FREE recipes and goodies: See more. Now Watching: Add the egg to the middle of the vortex and cook the egg for 3 minutes. Learned a few good tips and my poached eggs came out restaurant quality perfect!

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