How do I check my Page Plus balance?

The real pain point for many is that, with Verizon BYOD being limited now to Page Plus and TracFone, many of us are having to go back and sign up with the company that just ripped us off. Failure to do so will trigger a day grace period, after which your phone number will be deactivated. My bf started having trouble with his data being sporadic and he still has this issue sometimes. Standard rates will apply for roaming, international voice, and international texts.

References Page Plus: Option 2, you can renew your entire plan early by calling GRex Wireless and requesting an early renewal forcing. They usually don't have a monthly subscription with Page Plus or any other provider. PagePlus Coverage Map.

I will go somewhere else and if I was YOU Page Plus is just one of the last companies having to do it.

Page Plus Seminole Wireless

Which is untrue as my acct is active and each time I get these emails I am fresh from a refill just a few days before. Even if you credit the Bush Administration for starting that process, it was the Obama Administration that kicked it into full throttle… with no reaction to the abuse that has become pervasive. Airvoice Wireless Cash Card:: What a rip!!! I'd like to think that this a sign of a turnaround for them. Furthermore, this opened up the amount of phones from strictly 3G phones, and 4G phones that had to be flashed to work often times by rip off artists , to the whole Verizon line of mobile phones.

Time to pay a visit to my local service provider for an explanation. Get In Touch. If we experience any further issues with them, then we are gone.

Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. NET10 Data Plan:: CallingMart will match any lower price from a reputable competitor website for up to 7 days from the order date. I report this to PP and they just say it's a glitch on their end and disregard. They hung up on me 5 times. My phone was working perfectly until I called in concerning the transfer of phones and numbers.

Prepaid Phone Refills. Hidden categories: Video streaming or other high-bandwidth applications may be available on Wi-Fi only. I specifically asked, "So my service won't be interrupted? Then between midnight and 6am, their computers merge with the carrier Verizon , and turn on the accounts that have a pin stacked on them.

However, when roaming does occur, you will be charged the roaming rate associated with your service plan. Page Plus Cellular Website: March 8, I was charged twice so contested one charge and got my money back from my credit card. My phone will not receive text messages.

I am not aware of any level-of-communication changes with TracFone, but I can say that I know that they answer their emails. In other words, we would have to pay extra to correct the mistake their system made.