How to make Alton Brown's Flower Pot Smoker

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Put your meat on the grill and "close the lid". Now, you can place the grill grate inside the pot, pushing it down until it is snug. All Rights reserved - AskaPrepper. You can cook most any meat that will fit inside of your smoker with ease!

How to Make a Clay Pot Smoker

But setting it directly on the burner may boil it too quickly. I have two persimmon trees. Using plastic body fans , cooling fans used in PC , power supply, may not be a permanent solution. These can be closed with a wine bottle cork to stop air flow if required. This will keep your electricity needs available, and make some good hot water as well.

My pot was just a little too small for my first grill, so I had to get a different grill size. If you or someone you know has an old, rusted BBQ, re-use! March 14, at 1: Use the plier to hold the bolt down while you take the screw off. Reply Upvote.

DIY Flowerpot Smoker & Grill

An outstanding share! Also important to have, drain holes! However you decide to do this, once again, take care when you go to drilling. You may also need a bag of sand for this. I dont think this one is practical. Building your own smoker can have a lot of benefits.

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Lol, oops. I usually have a few very different projects going, with the goal of learning new skills. Buy deep discharge batteries, such as golf cart batteries, or trolling motor batteries, or deep discharge RV batteries.

What does this all mean? Otherwise, try and find a pot where the ID at the rim is just slightly bigger than your grill. I am putting this step first so you don't make the same mistake that I made.

Got a water pan again not teflon based , removed the handle and riveted the holes back in so it can hold meaningful amount of water 3.

You can use an eye bolt, washers, and a piece of wood dowel to construct a handle, or you can rig up another handle of your own making. The burner heats up the chips to the point where they begin to produce smoke, as well as indirectly heating the meat, which cooks the meat slowly while imparting that mouth watering smoke flavor. I would assume that you would not want to use any pine wood, because of the tar.

How to Build a Clay Pot Smoker - Ask a Prepper

In came those do-gooders who quash cooking fun, everywhere- the Food Police. The small bucket bbq also has extendable legs that you will need to elevate the fire bowl. Something to look for, a little lip on the inside of the pot in order to hang the grill later. Use your smarts common sense an imagination.. Here is simple Recipe:.