Cleaned Air Filter. Now, hissing sound

I do not hear the sound when I am not throttling. The time now is I think it is still doing it, but not completely sure. Originally Posted by nlink Take a moment to sign up and enjoy all of the features our forums have to offer.

When you step on the gas, the engine seems to bog down or takes a second to respond. I would make a guess that your problem is also EGR related. Terms of Use.

Hissing sound during acceleration - dealer tech unhelpful

Dec Location: Technical Talk. Get a Quote. It could have a vacuum leak. Rating Newest Oldest. Privacy Policy. Sorry about that. Thanks for helping me find a good place to start problem solving guys!

Have a leak from upper or lower radiator hose. Would an exhaust leak or plugged cat be a reasonable explanation?

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My car has an automatic transmission. What precautions should be followed with the back door? Originally Posted by aldebaran. Car is making a noise Inspection.

Troubleshooting Engine Problems By Sound

Much more likely an intake leak. Let's start small here. January 31st, ,