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The most common recitations used for this are: The Umrah comprises of four basic pillars: Mount Arafat: In the hot months of the year, lightweight clothing that minimizes the amount of exposed skin is essential. They will help you process the travel documents You will be waiting in the arrival halls until your turn comes. Belt What are the rites of Hajj?

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It is the largest single gathering of people on the planet. Some of these old humble poor people around you may be a lot closer to Allah than your royal highness. Activists may be prosecuted as these rights are not guaranteed. In this Article: Umrah is sometimes called Islam's "minor pilgrimage" or "lesser pilgrimage," with the Hajj being the "major" pilgrimage.

If you have a foot problem, then you should wear socks or slippers in the haram area.

Step by Step Guide to Holy Umrah/Umra

Today, Muslims from all over the world make the trip to Saudi Arabia via air travel. According to the traditional Muslim stories, in AD 6 AH , inspired by a dream that Muhammad had had while in Madinah, in which he was performing the ceremonies of Umrah, he and his followers approached Mecca from Medina.

Come down from the Safa and move toward Marwah while reciting this supplication: The validity of the Umrah visa is one month.

If performing Hajj, do not have your hair cut. Pilgrims will be authorized to visit any city besides the Holy Sites, if they request permission from the Authorized Saudi Passport Offices. These halls have no facilities except washrooms, wudu areas and drinking water. Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir,By Ibn Sa'd,Volume 2.

Put on regular clothes. You will be staying in crowded dusty camps. H Be regular in five daily prayers while you are on this journey and also when you return Read Quran with meaning to understand and practice sincerely People from all over the world and different backgrounds will be there.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Here I am! At the miqat, all pilgrims must stop and assume a ritual state of purity which must be maintained throughout the Umrah. Shave your head. You just clipped your first slide! Procedure 2. Passports will be returned if the information submitted is not compatible with the information sent electronically by the Ministry of Hajj.

Some Hujjaj have the tendency to take many unnecessary items with them. Rooms 1 2 3. Have your hair shaved or trimmed and leave the state of Ihram. Each "circuit" starts and ends when the Black Stone is on the pilgrim's right there is a brown marble line marking this starting point.

Discard Ihram, take shower and come out of Ihram.