Team Rocket Wins

No wonder MTV decided to ditch real vids for clips of people stapling their balls to the wall around this time.

Finally together. The most literal example of this trope happens in episode 12 of the 20th season, when Team Rocket finally manages to defeat Ash in battle. In one room, different rows of warp panels are separated by walls of Team Rainbow Rocket Grunts standing in rows across the room. Not to mention killing off Alt-Zoe. Usually most of their points were ruled invalid by the judges, but yep, a couple of times, the rotten bastards won.

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The list is actually quite long: He actually gets his hands on all seven at least twice over though on both occasions uses them on a haphazardous death machine. Armor Tiger wasn't even wearing his armor at the time! Rock Bottom is so flabbergasted at this outcome, that he angrily throws the meager award aside and goes into shock, while Felix gets the last laugh.

In the same episode, Piper was also shot dead by a simple human. As of publication, roughly 45 advertising spots have been confirmed for the national broadcast of the game, which starts with kickoff at 6: Oh, yeah?

Heck, it can even be against a Villain Protagonist. They also learn from their mistakes, though in the process, usually make new ones.

Here are all the Super Bowl commercials in this year’s game—from big tech to the big names

Sketchers taps former football player Howie Long to showcase its wide-fit shoes. Well, time to pay the price.

The Golden Arches has not said whether it will run an ad in the game. But at least you come across as a nice guy at the end, dancing around with a kid who looks scares shitless on your shoulders. That's right, Team Rocket just successfully completed the first step in a plan for world domination.

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Fiat Chrysler returns with five commercials that highlight its Jeep and Ram brands. A Cbeebies cartoon about an annoying popstar has exploded all over Cher Lloyd. The Followills had a sideline as Christian missionaries sent to teach African school children about the best way to wear gnarly sunglasses and ripped jeans.

This time, however, when Hicks wins, he's the only one celebrating and is shocked when everyone starts booing him. She lost out on winning her fifth ribbon needed to get into the Grand Festival, but Dawn or rather, a Dawn lookalike by the name of Princess Salvia, long story gave her the sixth ribbon she had just won.