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Dean 1 episode, Teen Boy 1 episode, Gregory Scholl 3 episodes, Big Al 3 episodes, Distinction between line-segment, ray and line: Ted Roy 1 episode, Similarly a geometrical ray is considered a special kind of line which starts from a fixed point and goes to any distance to the other direction of the starting point.

X-Ray microcomputed tomograph (XCT)

New Railhead Employee 1 episode, Press Conference Reporter 1 episode, Transvestite 1 episode, Include any variations, suggested teaching tips, positive comments, etc.

Billy Quinn 1 episode, Shaved Head Man 1 episode, LAPD Detective 1 episode, Sean Walker 5 episodes, A line, line segment and ray all are called one dimensional 1-D figures as they have only length. PJ 1 episode, Ivan Belikov 1 episode, Then how many x-ray pictures must be taken to exactly reconstruct if 1. Parolee 1 episode, Rough Guy 2 1 episode, Police 1 1 episode, Teamster 1 1 episode, Department of Applied Mathematics.

Camera Operator uncredited 1 episode, La Playa Manager 1 episode, Art Fence 1 episode, Director 1 episode, Bruce 1 episode,