Low Birth Weight Baby Risks, Types, and Causes

Health News. This is why premature babies weigh less or cannot gain an average weight 3. Folic acid plays a major role when preventing any type of birth defects or health problems. Because a baby's brain grows more in his first year than it ever will again, in severe cases, failure to thrive can cause permanent brain damage, the Kids Health website cautions.

Signs of Pregnancy. Because a preemie's immune system hasn't fully developed, he's prone to infections.

Low Birthweight in Newborns Symptoms and Causes Boston Children's Hospital

Am J Nurs. B; Brouillette, R. Another cause of low birth weight is a condition called intrauterine growth restriction IUGR. Therefore, try to keep these pre-existing illnesses under control so as to minimize the risk.

Fundal height is measured in centimeters cm. Babies weighing less than 1, grams 3 pounds, 5 ounces at birth are considered very low birth weight.

Any baby born prematurely is more likely to be very small. A low-birth-weight baby may be healthy even though he or she is small. Special preterm formulas can also be used. However, they may also have problems maintaining proper suction at the breast to get enough milk to meet their needs.

Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi. Because maternal nutrition and weight gain are linked with fetal weight gain and birthweight, eating a healthy diet and gaining the proper amount of weight in pregnancy are essential.

Low Birth Weight - Causes & Treatment Of Low Birth Weight

Baby Names. Some Good Books on how to have a healthy Pregnancy: One environmental exposure which has been found to increase the risk of low birth weight is particulate matter , a component of ambient air pollution. They are known to be the youngest of premature new-borns. Your steady weight gain is one way of checking on fetal growth. Low birthweight babies typically "catch up" in physical growth if there are no other complications. Is Ultrasound Safe During Pregnancy ].

Neonatal weight gain and nutrition

Real Answers. If you have not gained the required weight during pregnancy due to imbalanced diet or malnutrition, there is a chance of low birth weight baby. If the fundal height is less than expected, it may mean the baby is not growing well. Human Reproduction Update. The following are some of the common problems of low-birth-weight babies:. Occup Environ Med. Boston Children's Hospital: Given proper nutrition after birth, he can catch up and have no long-term consequences from being initially underweight.

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Infections during pregnancy that affect the fetus, such as rubella , cytomegalovirus , toxoplasmosis , and syphilis , may also affect the baby's weight. Sometimes these are given through a tube into the stomach if a baby cannot suck.

New England Journal of Medicine. This is especially true for very premature infants. Environmental risk factors include smoking, lead exposure, and other types of air pollutions.