How to Clean Headlights and Restore Them

Before moving to the next paper, sand across the headlight horizontally. Shop for Tires.

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You will be using sandpaper and chemicals on the lens and you do not want to scratch or damage surrounding surfaces like chrome bezels, plastic surrounds, and painted surfaces.

These changes cause the lenses to absorb blue light from the bulbs and cause a less potent, yellowish light to be emitted. The minutes spent protecting these adjacent surfaces is well worth the time and it will allow you to work as needed to get those headlights shiny and new in appearance. Do you have to use a toohbrush too? The first thing you need to is raid the bathroom and get your hands on a tube of toothpaste. To counter this, the headlight manufacturer adds a special protective film.

Its also great for exhaust tips too.

How to clean headlights: DIY tricks to try

A spray bottle will come in handy here. All that hard work can really pay off too — until some element of the car starts to let you down and affect the overall car image.

There are a number of expensive ways to clean the film and fog from your headlight lenses, but you can also clean your headlights at home using toothpaste. After we buff and polish, we put clear protection film on them to protect them from yellowing, from rock chips, from scratches. Sharing this post with your friends, followers, and readers. Remove cleanser with brush Using circular motions, work your way around the surface of the headlight gently with your brush.

With about 5mins per headlight it gave a significant improvement. The good news, however, is that cleaning foggy headlights is fairly easy.

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To fix the situation, the damaged coating needs to be removed and a new protective coating added.

My mum recently did this on here Micra and was very impressed with the results. Share Facebook. Starting out with, say, grit sandpaper, wet it and the headlight and then sand gently in a circular motion, making sure you keep the paper and the headlight wet. At some point you will take a step back to admire your detailing efforts and realize something is off.