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About The Author: This method is an individual hair extension method which gives the most realistic look in movement and appearance.

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As micro links come in a wide variety of colors, it is easy to blend them into your hair. Would you like to go to there now?

You pass a strand of hair through the clear loop and pull on the clear bead that's resting on my middle finger. Our Factory Learn about how and where our products are made. Hair Extensions 10 must know hair extensions hacks. Wigs act as a replacement for your own hair and are meant to cover your entire head.

During the initial phase of the hair drying process, try to stay away from wrapping that towel around your hair as once again, this action may cause tangles or snarls.

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They are put in close to the scalp making them virtually invisible and allowing for ease in styling. Video Tutorials How to make your curls last longer. Jan 17, 7: They are ideal for the client who is only interested in sprucing up their look for a night on the town, an event or a short period of time.

Additionally, you would need to have them removed with glue remover and then reinstalled. Text Us! The keratin bonds are different than an adhesive.

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All of the hair pieces are small and are applied to your actual hair strand by strand with an application tool. However, like all other types of hair extensions, this varies based on your own hair type and growth.

Have I convinced you that micro link hair extensions are bomb and worth a try? Hair Color , Wigs. Erika is basically never without her signature platinum blonde hair, glossy lips, and bronzer.

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Using a special tool we draw a section of your hair through a metal tube made of either copper or aluminum and sometimes filled with a silicone sleeve and then insert a pre-bonded hair extension with an end called an I-tip into the metal tube. A comb can be used below the attachments. Scalp care is essential, and so, yes you will want to cleanse your scalp as well. Our removal pricing is based on time, we allocate 2.