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JonathanLivingston History. Press Options to set up any export options or how you want the exported view to look when you come back in. This page was last modified on 11 March , at Hi jason.

Kulkul I tried just typing in 0,0 to see if my curser would jump to the origin Set Orientation to True North. I agreed! You can set the scale for the elevation by selecting the Elevation View in your Project Browser. Revit , Tutorials.

Revit OpEd: Drafting Views have an Origin

These are commonly used in details to show things like rigid insulation, concrete, plywood, and other material types. Press OK and head over to your project browser to find your new view. About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. Did you notice the original Cover Sheet contains 2 Drafting View? Share this article: Read the forum guidelines.

Documenting a Project in Revit - TOI-Pedia

Since the construction documents usually consist of numerous sheets, this methodology allows everyone on the team to track and identify which changes were made and when they were made during construction. Easier to make clear and pretty diagrams this way.

This is a good alternative to having to cover unwanted linework with a masking region refer below. This consists of three categories:.

Personally exporting a DWG and Importing is the opposite of convenient. I know this thread is old so this is probably a long shot… What packages are you using to make this work?

Revit details in drafting views or live views Forum Archinect

You can control the width and view-depth of an elevation. By default Revit creates the north, east, south and west elevations in each new project. This approach can be combined with filters to identify specific elements, such as Fire rated walls. Open up Revit and get to the view you want to freeze! I held off all this time trying not to make a Mr. But if you have windows that are positioned high in the wall, they will not show up on the floor plan.

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