Spiritual Healing Tool …. “????What is an “Etheric Weaver”? ???? …. “!!

This hint is recommended to all the physicians, and when properly comprehended, will result in a basic change in medicine, from a curative to a preventative foundation. There are no rules about this but using the tool regularly will always be beneficial. Name required. Hold it over that place until it stops, which means the healing is complete for the moment. Buddha Nature is the hidden light that evolves all life into higher form of divinity.

There is no need to interpret the movement of the etheric weaver. Hold the weaver over a picture, drawing or name. It is centered in the awakened heart and the astral field is centered in the solar plexus. All causes are karma and all karma comes from past lives combined with present day habits that are simply the reincarnation of past life karma.

It revitalizes the Glands and Immune System and strengthens the ability to be more courageous in life. But all seven spectral colors are available during a treatment, so that the person receiving can choose in the moment the color they are attuned to. Available in 3" 9cm or 7" 18cm sizes and a variety of sacred geometric form designs, the Vajra Etheric Weaver comes in a variety of crstal colours wrapped in either coated copper, silver-fill or 12K gold-fill wire.

Did you forget to choose a rating for your review? It awakens the inner light to begin radiating out to those one loves and appreciates; healing past life karma and attracting right relationships based on Dharma and group Soul activities based on true love not dependancy.

The emotional body manifests in Individual Astral Personification with symptoms of illusion and delusion. For longer, full body treatments , begin by suspending the Weaver about inches above the feet. It is best to see it as Interdimensional, Transpersonal and Transcendental. Great for daily meditation, healing and self-healing. A User's Guide How to Start: Most people have an instant response of subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body, especially the head centers and even more so from the heart center.

Spiritual Healing Tool …. “????What is an “Etheric Weaver”? ???? …. “!! It Is What It Is

This newsletter is to help answer any questions you may have about using the tool and its potential benefits. Use your intuition to choose the right Vajra Etheric Weaver for you.

So you need to bring these abilities out. Don't treat the brow center unless the Etheric weaver is drawn to it in a natural way, but don't put any energy into it - because at the brow center the Etheric weaver is moving in relation to the whole head which contains all 7 centers.

The opposite manifestation to the Etheric Field is the Astral Field ; that separates the physical, emotional and mental bodies. In nearly every case the person will have an instant response of subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body, especially the head centers and even more so of the heart center. Following is the meaning of each of the colors based on the 7-Rays of God: So, the etheric field is the matrix of the physical, emotional and mental bodies manifested as a unified reality.